Our Process

Completing the Application Form

When filling out the application form there are two types of information we require as standard:

  • Important personal information: for example your name, contact details, work history and qualifications to date.
  • Evidenced based information: this information gives you the opportunity to demonstrate that you have the knowledge, skills, ability and personal attributes to be able to carry out the position at the level we require.

When giving evidence based information demonstrate how your experience meets the criteria found in the Job Description and Person Specification. We like real examples so when giving these think about your involvement and the impact your involvement had on the situation, what skills and knowledge you used and the outcome.

  • Briefly describe the setting and what was expected of you
  • Say what you did not what others did
  • Use "I" and active words - "I decided to..." "I took responsibility for..." "I suggested that we..." "I presented the ideas to the manager"
  • Describe the outcome and impact of your actions on others and on the situation
  • Say how you could have improved on what you did
  • Give evidence that is relevant to the knowledge/skills/ability you are trying to demonstrate. Keep it short and to the point. Refer back to key words within the person specification
  • Do not spend time and space describing activities that are not relevant to the role
  • Use your own words
  • Try not to use jargon.

Remember recruiting managers may have lots of applications to shortlist. Please keep your application form clear, concise and relevant to the role for which you are applying and ensure you pick up on the key points which will stand out to the recruiting manager.

After the closing date

Following the closing date, the recruiting manager will review all applications for the role. As the system is automated, applications cannot be accepted following the closing date of a vacancy.

Each application will be assessed against the person specification for the role by the recruiting manager or a selection panel. Once the applications have been assessed, you will be notified by e-mail with the outcome of your application.

If you are successful in being invited for an interview you will receive notification of the interview details by e-mail.

Unsuccessful applicants - After Shortlist

Due to the high volume of applications we receive, we are not able to provide feedback to individuals regarding their application if you are not selected for an interview.

You are able to log in to your Applicant Profile to see the status of any roles you have applied for. Automated messages will be sent to you for all roles applied for within NCG.


Invitation to interview

We will contact you using the e-mail address used to register. Under normal circumstances we would give you at least one week's notice of the proposed interview details. This is not always possible and invitations to interviews may be at short notice. If the proposed interview arrangements are not suitable, please advise the NCG Recruitment Team. Where possible, we will try to rearrange your interview.

You may be asked to take a test during the selection process, but you will be advised beforehand.

For example we may ask that you:

  • Deliver a presentation
  • Present a micro-teach to the panel
  • Complete an in-tray exercise
  • Answer questions based around a case study
  • Complete functional skills assessments including numeracy, literacy or IT


We require you to bring along the following when attending an interview:

  • Eligibility to work within the UK*(UK/EEU Passport, Full UK Birth/Adoption certificate)
  • Proof of national insurance number*(Only if Full UK Birth/Adoption certificate provided)
  • Proof of name and address
  • Photographic ID*(Only if passport not provided)
  • Proof of relevant qualifications
  • Proof of name change*(only required where documents are supplied in a previous name)

Failure to bring along required documentation may mean that the panel are unable to interview you.

A more comprehensive list of acceptable documents to show your eligibility will be issued with any invite to interview. If you were successful, failure to provide this information could delay any timely offer being made to you.


When preparing for interview re-read your application form, the Job Description and Person Specification. This is a quick refresher on the information you provided at the time of application and ensures you are confident going into your interview.

Check you know the location of the interview and the date and time.

Please don't be late. This doesn't give a good first impression.

During the interview we will be looking for answers with substance. Ensure you give real examples to back up an answer and use the 'STAR' (Situation, Task, Action, Result) model when answering. This gives your answers structure and ensures you meet all the requirements of the question.

We may ask you to give a brief overview of your career history, your knowledge of NCG and the Division you are applying to work for, and your understanding of the job role. Ensure you are fully prepared for your interview and have done some research so this does not come as a surprise.

Successful Candidates

Following the interview process, the successful candidate will be contacted by phone. Upon acceptance of the role you will receive a new starter pack including your offer letter and contract of employment as soon as we have all relevant evidence.

Unsuccessful applicants - After interview

If you have been unsuccessful following your interview, you will be notified of this by e-mail.


I would like feedback on my application form. Who do I contact?

Unfortunately due to high volumes of applications we are unable to give individual feedback at the shortlisting stage of the process.

I have missed the closing date. What can I do?

Unfortunately we do not accept any application after the closing date. On rare occasions we may accept a late application if it can be submitted by the close of business the day following the closing of a specific vacancy. Please remember this is not guaranteed so please submit all applications before the relevant closing date.

How can I find out the progress of my application?

Following the closing date, we would expect all candidates to be notified if they have been shortlisted, usually within 2 weeks, you can review your Applicant Profile for updates.

The system is automated so will send notifications for any roles you have applied for to your registered e-mail address.

I am unable to attend the interview date but I still want to be interviewed. What should I do?

Contact the NCG Recruitment Team on 0191 226 6390. Where possible we will try to rearrange your interview.

I would like to apply for more than one position. Is that ok?

Yes, you can apply for as many positions as you feel you are suitable for within NCG. Please make sure you meet the requirements and experience within the Job Description and Person Specification before applying for any roles.

I am experiencing technical difficulties. What can I do?

Please contact the NCG Recruitment Team on 0191 226 6390 who will support you.

I may require adjustments at interview if I am shortlisted. Who can I inform about this?

Your invite to interview email will have contact details for the NCG Recruitment Team who are able to arrange any reasonable adjustments required for you at your interview, or any other stage of the process.


I get the opportunity to help people achieve their career goals and that gives me great job satisfaction.

Kayleigh Steele - Newcastle College Lecturer in Childcare

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